So, you want to know about “IMPACT Club Volleyball”?

​Many people inquire about the club volleyball process. Let’s try to give a brief overview of the process and our club.

There are two main Club Organizations: AAU and USAV. We belong to USAV. They are the national organization that runs beach and indoor right up to the Olympic levels.
We are in the Garden Empire Region. Www. On their site you can see our club and the many others in the region. As we get closer to the season, details about our club and others will be posted there.

Since we feel that we are the best value club in the region, we typically have large numbers of girls trying out, so we encourage players to tryout for more than one club.

Tryout requirements (for all clubs):
Please refer to the guides provided by GEVA that govern all clubs,:

  1. Player must register with USAV through GEVA for membership (developmental or Full)
  2. Players must register with the club(s) they wish to try out for. (Fees vary but may be listed on GEVA) AND provide a signed medical form. CHECK CLUB WEBSITES FOR UP-TO-DATE INFO.
  3. A club may offer a player a spot on a team at any point after the 1st legal tryout date.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Once a club makes an offer, a player will have that day (of the offer) PLUS the next 3 FULL DAYS to accept the offer. There is no obligation to accept earlier than that unless the player decides to. The offering club MUST hold the spot for that time.These are the rules of GEVA and must be followed by all clubs.
  5. Official offers will come from the club through SportsEngine. Be sure to select carefully. If you choose our club, please note that we are IMPACT VBC and NOT NYC IMPACT.
  6. When the selection is made, the club director of the selected club will be able to assign that player to a team roster.
  7. Make sure you have all the information before accepting an offer since acceptances are binding and a player MUST play for the selected club and cannot switch clubs without both clubs and GEVA approval.

IMPACT VBC Specifics:

  1. Our practice facilities are the Rahway Recreation Center and Metuchen Sportsplex. We practice on Monday and Thursday evenings (times may vary). Players need to be able to attend these practices.
  2. Tournaments are on Weekends and are typically Full Days (8am until 6-8pm).
  3. We make every effort to host as many tournaments as possible (typically one per team) and attempt to select tourneys that are in close proximity. This isn’t always possible and tournaments can be in Pa, Long Island, and Peekskill, NY. Transportation is provided by parents and we often utilize carpools.
  4. We typically enter 7 tournaments for each team and one is a 2 day weekend.(Hotel rooms for the players are covered)
  5. Our dues cover: Tournament entry, court rental, coaches salaries, league fees and a generous uniform package. Additional “gear” is available for purchase at the start of the season, as well.
  6. This year’s dues will be $1400 for a regional team (Club Division) or $1800 for a National Team (Open Division). The National Teams, if fielded, will attend (2) weekend tourneys, one being a qualifier.