2022 – 2023 GEVA’s Important Notes

New Annual Memberships are no longer available.  Memberships for the 2022-2023 season are planned to be available beginning August 2nd.

Current season memberships are good through September 1, 2022.  Athletes who are new to GEVA and planning to attend authorized tryouts are eligible for the 2021-2022 Summer Membership ($10.00 total).

This membership will expire September 1, 2022, it is neither transferable nor transferable or upgradeable.  A 2022-2023 season membership will be required to continue participating.


A word about tryouts.  The Garden Empire Volleyball Association has not authorized any tryouts prior to August 15th, 2022.  Clubs conducting tryouts of any kind prior to those dates are not eligible to participate in GEVA Power League and are therefore not eligible to earn GEVA bids to USAV Junior National Championships.

If you have questions regarding this, please contact the Junior Competition Chair at Juniors@geva.org.  Phone calls or text messages will not be replied to.  

More information can be found on our resources pages in our website at: https://www.geva.org/resources